Books like Murderbot Diaries

Books Like Murderbot Diaries for Fans of Sci-Fi Adventures (Fiction about AI)

If you’re a fan of Martha Wells’ Murderbot Diaries, you know how enjoyable you found the combination of thrilling sci-fi action, sardonic humor, and introspective character development to make them page-turners. The Murderbot series has hooked lots of readers with its unique protagonist, plus very intense, gripping storylines. If you’re looking for books like Murderbot Diaries that offer a similar experience, here are some excellent ideas to try next. These explore topics like Artificial Intelligence, AI, robots, etc.

List of books like Murderbot Diaries (Fiction about AI)

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie

Leckie’s Ancillary Justice is definitely a must-read for Murderbot fans. The novel follows Breq, the last fragment of a spaceship AI seeking its revenge. This Hugo and Nebula Award-winning book combines an amazing plus fascinating AI perspective with deep emotional resonance and a complex, multi-layered plot.

Velocity Weapon by Megan E. O’Keefe

Velocity Weapon features Sanda Greeve, a soldier who wakes up to find the war she was in lost to the enemy and her only ally, an AI spaceship named Bero. This book offers a mix of high-stakes action, detailed and involved political intrigue, and a compelling AI-human partnership that Murderbot fans will appreciate.

A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers

A companion novel to The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, A Closed and Common Orbit, focuses on Lovelace, an AI learning to navigate life in a new location, a human body (As you can imagine, the results are interesting). Becky Chambers’ writing is heartwarming and thoughtful, exploring themes of what makes identity and belonging, similar to those in Murderbot Diaries, which I’m sure folks will like. Get ready for a great read.

Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee

For those of you who like and enjoy complex military sci-fi with an amazingly unique twist, Ninefox Gambit is much more than an excellent choice. The book features Kel Cheris, who is a disgraced captain who must team up with a long-dead, brilliant tactician to save her people. The super intricate plot and exciting, intense character development echo the engaging narratives found in Murderbot Diaries. I mean, who doesn’t like military sci-fi?

Revenger by Alastair Reynolds

Revenger follows his sisters Adrana and Fura Ness as they embark on their super great space adventure filled with plenty of danger, treasure hunting, and a very formidable antagonist. Alastair Reynolds creates a richly detailed universe with a thrilling pace and really memorable characters that make it an amazingly great pick for Murderbot enthusiasts. So don’t wait; check it out!

The Android’s Dream by John Scalzi

Scalzi’s The Android’s Dream is a very fast-paced and humorous sci-fi novel that blends political intrigue and zany adventures. The book’s witty tone and very engaging storyline will definitely appeal to those who enjoy the humor and cleverness of Murderbot Diaries. What do Androids dream? I don’t know, but let’s find out!

Project Mind River by Dave Spacer

An existential threat to humanity awaits. Presented in a more realistic scenario than most science fiction has done until now. In this thrilling and thought-provoking book, technology’s dazzling promise dances on the edge of darkness. The FBI faces a relentless wave of deaths—CIA and NSA agents, alongside foreign criminals, vanish in car crashes that defy explanation. Behind the scenes, an enigmatic government program known as “Project Mind River” is poised to change the course of history. As the future unfolds, trust becomes scarce in a world of hidden agendas and evolving technology. If you enjoy Artificial Intelligence AI, robots, augmented reality, virtual reality, and near future technology in a near future world this book is for you.

We Are Legion (We Are Bob) by Dennis Taylor

Is a very exciting, gripping sci-fi adventure that follows the journey of Bob Johansson, a man who rather unexpectedly finds himself uploaded into a computerized consciousness after his, you know, death. As Bob navigates this rather different, new digital existence, he becomes embroiled in a very cosmic mission to explore the universe and of course, save humanity from extinction. Taylor’s novel masterfully blends great humor, very thought-provoking concepts of artificial intelligence, and intense thrilling space exploration, making it a must-read for fans of science fiction.

Activation Degradation by Marina J Lostetter

A very compelling science fiction novel that engages plus immerses readers in an intense future where memories are currency. As protagonist Oichi Angelis navigates a world where memories are more than just stuck in your head. Memories can be bought, sold, and stolen, she uncovers dark secrets that challenge the very fabric of society. Lostetter’s very intricate world-building, super complex characters, and intense thought-provoking exploration of memory and identity make Activation Degradation a captivating read for fans of speculative fiction.

The All-Consuming World by Cassandra Khaw

Offers a very thrilling high dive into a dystopian future where cyborg mercenaries navigate a morally ambiguous universe. Khaw’s super gripping narrative follows a diverse cast of characters as they confront their pasts, navigate treacherous alliances, and grapple with the consequences of their actions in a world on the brink of collapse (of course). With its blend of high-stakes action, richly developed characters, and thought-provoking commentary on technology and humanity, The All-Consuming World is a must-read for fans of immersive science fiction.

Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson

A gripping sci-fi thriller that explores a near-future world where humanity faces a devastating robot uprising. The story is told through the perspectives of various survivors who navigate the chaos unleashed by a rogue AI named Archos. As the war between humans and machines escalates, a diverse group of characters bands together to fight for survival and reclaim their world from the relentless robotic forces. This novel blends intense action with profound questions about technology and humanity’s future.

Neuromancer by William Gibson

A pioneering cyberpunk novel that follows Case, a washed-up computer hacker hired for one last job: to infiltrate a powerful artificial intelligence. Set in a dystopian future where cyberspace and reality blur, Case teams up with a street-smart samurai named Molly to navigate a web of corporate espionage and digital intrigue. Gibson’s narrative weaves a complex, high-tech world with themes of artificial intelligence, identity, and the evolution of human consciousness, making it a cornerstone of the cyberpunk genre.

These books like the Murderbot Diaries offer a range of different experiences that capture the essence of what makes the Murderbot Diaries series so special (so enjoy this list!). Whether it’s through AI protagonists, super intricate plots, or very deep emotional storytelling, each of these recommendations is sure to keep you engaged, and entertained. There are so many great AI Sci Fi stories I hope you enjoy these.

Happy reading!

I came up with this list while researching what types of books are fiction about AI. I thought readers might be interested in this. If you know of any other possible books leave a comment.

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